Sweetie's Cheesecakes 3" Jar - Mango Habanero - HOT 4-Pack
Sweetie's Cheesecakes 3" Jar - Mango Habanero 4-Pack

Sweetie's Cheesecakes 3" Jar - Mango Habanero - HOT 4-Pack

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Mango Swirl


Mango Puree



A sweet burn.  Our Mango Habanero Cheesecakes lures you in
with the thought of sweet mango. We add a subtle swirl of fresh
mango puree on the top of our cheesecake to draw you close. 
Now taste.  Count 3, 2, 1 and you start to get that back of the
throat heat that you love from the habanero peppers.  It goes
so nice with the tropical mango.  Our sweet, buttery graham
cracker crust is at the bottom of the jar.  A special treat for
lovers of sweet heat. 

Mango Habanero Cheesecake
I have, over the years, been blessed to eat some really fine cheesecake, in a number of flavors and textures. I just received and ate, for the first time a jar of cheesecake from Sweetie's. It was really cold, just the way I like it, especially on such a hot day as this! I love to try new things, so imagine my surprise when I tasted the heat in the cheesecake! I had forgotten that I was about to bite into Habanero (Mango) cheesecake, not just regular cheesecake. You know what? You can't eat it real fast, even if you are hungry. It's sort of like this new pepper wine they have in some grocery stores now, you just have to take it easy and let all that flavor and spice kind of wind its way through your mouth, over your tongue and down your throat, you can't rush it, it has its own timing. Oh and don't forget to bring along a cold bottle of water, that zap on the tongue and down the throat demands a little cold recognition. Lovely, just pure lovely eating!!!
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Reviewed by:  from Buda, Texas. on 7/14/2020
Mango Habenero
This is the most delicious cheesecake with the perfect sweet-spicy flavor that will satisfy every tastebud, leaving your palate feeling clean and refreshing! Do NOT share! You will want your OWN so be sure to get additional ones. If you don’t have anyone then you‘all be happy knowing that you have more awaiting just for you!
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Reviewed by:  from Shannon’s Brewery. on 2/17/2020
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